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2812 Central Dr.

Bedford, TX 76021


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 "This is my favorite Kwik Kar location. The service there is always top

notch and I have never felt pressure or misled. I would trust the techs

with my vehicle anytime. Very professional and well trained. I have and

will recommend this location to ALL my friends and family. Thank you

Kwik Kar Bedford!!!" Ashley M. June 2014


"Y'all are the best!!" Carla May 2014


"Very pleased with my car-care and scrubbed clean head lights. Thank you."

A.P. May 2014


"Everyone always is friendly and takes good care of me when I am there.

There is utmost respect given. Thank you!" Todd C. May 2014


"I have been returning for annual inspections for the past 5 years. The

technicians are friendly, but most importantly; gentleman and treat me

with respect. Thanks!" Frances V. April 2014


"I am always satisfied with my Kwik Kar service!" Kathy C. April 2014


"I always have great service here and will continue to come here and I tell

tell people to go here for service because the guys are the best and are

super sweet...they do an awesome job!" Daisy D. March 14


"Art and the staff do a super job! I recommend this shop to everyone."

Harry M. March 2014


"I come in several times a year and I've always been very happy with the

courtesy and expertise of your mechanics." Mary F. March 2014


"Vernon, you have a wonderful staff on hand. I have been going to your

location for many years and never have had an issue-always respected.

They are gentlemen and truthful. Thank you." Teresa Feb 2014


"You service two vehicles for me and I am always satisfied with the work.

I have recommended your business several times. Thanks!"

Virginia D. Feb 2014


"Another nice letter, Click Here.

Chris Y. Feb 2014


"Dear Mr. Dede, I really appreciate you considering your customer's feedback.

Your shop is the only shop I like in the neighborhood because I feel you are

honest and I don't feel pressured to get additional services performed.

Please keep up the good work and I will be a customer forever."

Monica M. Jan 2014


"Your establishment was inviting to visit, your people wer nice, their

appearance was greatly appreciated, and they all conducted themselves with

honor. I will be back! Thank you." Cathy T. Jan 2014


Nice Letter, Click Here.

Chris H. Jan 2014


"I've been coming here the last few years and great service every time.

So glad you guys opened up again after the fire." Sarah G. Dec 2013


"Glad your business is back-I went to another local garage that was not as

friendly or efficient. I am back!!" Sharon G. Dec 2013


"I have been coming to your store for years and will continue to do so

regardless of where I live in the mid-cities. Thanks. Keep up the good

work!" Mike O. Dec 2013


"I've always had a pleasant experience at this location. You can count on

me to be a repeat customer." Ana November 2013


"Our favorite thing about Kwik Kar Bedford is that we don't feel pressured

to have additional services performed & the work is done right the first

time." Jane W. November 2013


"Your technicians and mechanics are honest, knowledgeable and terrific!"

Charles B. October 2013


"Everyone is always so friendly. My husband and I will never take our cars

anywhere else. Thank you for all you do!" Mary G. September 2013


"Even though I didn't need additional service, I was brought out to my car

and was explained when services would be needed. The guys are all extra

friendly and always go above and beyond." Amy J. September 2013

"I have been there twice and each time Chris took great care of me. I will

definitely recommend Kwik Kar and will return for the next time."

Kelsey C. August 2013


"Great Service! You guys have been taking care of mine and my wife's cars

for years. I trust the service whole heartedly. Keep up the good work."

Phylis U. August 2013


"Best I've ever been to! The guys are Pros and I take all my cars there (4)

The Manager, Art, gets 5 Stars from me!!" Brandyn B. August 2013


"I believe your shop has a TRUE "neighborhood" feel and I can tell you care

about your clients and your business." Rene July 2013


"In the 11 years since my husband passed away, I have depended upon you and

your staff to take care of my car. I feel you have done a wonderful job and

will continue to return as long as I can drive. Thank you." Natalena K.

July 2013


"Chris did a great Job! We can always count on great service for both of our

cars - thank you! Kevin K. July 2013


"You have a great team working for you, Vernon, and glad you and Jake are back

in business." Susan C. July 2013


"I've been coming here for a year now, and will continue to do so because all

staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. Everything is reasonably

priced and business is conducted with the utmost care!! Keep up the excellent

service team!!!" Sarah A. June 2013


"It is very nice to be able to trust you guys. I am single and know nothing about

cars. I am so happy you are back in business after the fire. Thanks for everything."

Suzy B. June 2013


"Lobby is so nice and clean it makes a comfortable wait experience. All the

staff was nice and professional, but not in a phony over the top way. We

will be back." Heather I. June 2013


"Your mechanic, Matt, has always done an exceptional job on my family vehicles."

Donna C. June 2013


"I sent my 90 year old father to y'all because I trust you guys. Thanks!"

Edgar V. Jan 2013


"The best place. I have such very good service, will not change anything. Keep

up the very good work." E.M. Jan 2013


"Love the shop. Sent my daughter there because I knew your guys would not take

advantage of her." R. Burns Jan 2013


"Very good service. I will make you my dealer from now on. I have a new Kia and want

it serviced right." Leon W. Dec 2012


"I have been coming to this Kwik Kar since 2005 or so. I would not go anywhere else and

highly recommend this location for car repairs to all my friends and colleagues."

Karalea A. Dec 2012


"I work for FedEx and I was really impressed with how friendly and customer service

minded they were." Shelby D. Dec 2012


"I always have a great experience at your Kwik Kar. I love it when I get to see the

dog...Jake!" Kathy C. Nov 2012


"I drive the extra miles to come to your shop because of the friendliness and

professionalism. Thanks for the service!" Mary T. Nov 2012


"I really like the Vehicle Awareness Sheet I received. Awesome work!"

Vicki M. Oct. 2012


"Every person was so friendly and professional. I was surprised my car was vacuumed

for me. What a nice surprise."

Linda J. Oct. 2012


"I really enjoy coming to see you guys, great service and professional workers,

timely work, never a long wait." Dustin G. Oct. 2012


"They explained everything and answered all my questions! Very pleased with the

customer service!!" Victoria P. Sept. 2012


"The staff is great and service is outstanding! Thank you all for all the excellent

work." Chris C. Sept. 2012


"I had my headlights sanded and shined up. They look like new and I am thrilled. I

didn't know that could be done." Denise W. Sept. 2012


"The service I received was amazing! Arthur did an amazing job and he was great

to work with! I will be back! Thank you." Jenny T August 2012


"I have been coming to your Kwik Kar for a long time and I will continue to come

back. The service is outstanding & everyone is friendly." Carolyn S. August 2012


"Really like your shop and the dog park! I always bring my dog when I can. The

guys are friendly and helpful." Julie B. July 2012


"We were impressed with the speed of service and prompt greeting we received. Price

was nice too....Thank you for your attention to your customers! We will definitely

return with friends too." Traci H. July 2012


"I was extremely pleased with the prompt and immediate service, the friendliness of

your employees and the overall experience. Keep up the incredible work! I am

definitely returning for my automotive needs. I just wish I could remember the

names of the 3 different technicians because they were so professional, courteous,

and kind. Thank you!" July 2012


"I am a firm believer in customer service surveys. Kudos to you for asking what you

can do to improve. We will certainly be back when the need arises. Thank you."

Brian M. June 2012


"It is great to have a garage that you can use for the whole family and friends.

Thank you for being honest!" Jamie C. June 2012


"I love this location! Everyone is very friendly, fast and efficient. I don't like

to go anywhere else." Jessica M. June 2012


"I'm always 100% impressed with Kwik Kar Bedford. Matt was super in making me understand

what was wrong. All of the staff is incredible and help me understand. I am super

impressed with Everett too. He is so warm and open and caring. I like coming here

since I know he will always talk with me!" Elyse H. June 2012


"I always get good service and fair prices when I visit your place! Thanks!"

Deb P. May 2012


"I was very happy about my visit. I tried several other places but I kept looking

because I was not satisfied." Joan K. April 2012


"You will always have my business here in Bedford. Everyone is very friendly,

that care for their customer. Great work!!" Wilbur J. April 2012


"I only came in for a state inspection but based on my visit I would consider for

additional work in the future. Thanks!" Chip L. April 2012


"Complete satisfaction in all facets. Will definitely return. Appreciate your

follow-up. Continued Success!" Joe A. April 2012


"Great Service!! Appreciated the donuts, newspaper and coffee while waiting."

Charlie W. March 2012


"Glad to find a reputable Kwik Kar in our new neighborhood...we will be back."

Debbie B. March 2012


"Thank you for the trust I always feel with your professional mechanics and staff

when I bring my car in." Charlene W. February 2012


"I received prompt and courteous service at your facility and will continue to

patronize your business. Thank you!" Jessie H. February 2012


"The technician was very nice, always have been. They don't pressure me to get extra

stuff done just because I'm a woman. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Marilyn J. February 2012


"I am so impressed with the professionalism of your staff - you should be very proud

of them! Also, thanks for the outdoor patio & soft drinks!" Carl B. February 2012


"I have only been to your establishment 3 times and each time everyone was professional

and very nice and gracious. Thank you." Doug H. January 2012


"The service I get when I bring my car in for a check up has been great and I don't

go anywhere else." E.H. January 2012


"The guys working that day were great. Very friendly and explained things to me and

took all the time I needed to understand." Amy T. January 2012


"Great Service! - Atmosphere - I'll Keep returning and tell friends. Thank you!"

Robert H. December 2011


"I won't take my vehicles anywhere else! I always trust your work."

Sonny C. December 2011


"Your staff has always been so professional, kind, friendly and shows a keen

interest in my vehicle and me as a person. A commendable job Always!"

Cindy W. December 2011


"Great service, great employees. I honestly go out of my way in order to have

my automotive repair handled by this specific Kwik Kar shop. A+"

James H. December 2011


"There is a trust factor here that is rare these days. I appreciate the service

and a chance to say so." JB Nov 2011


"I used to use the Kwik Kar on Harwood/Norwood because it was closer to my house.

I will happily drive a little further to your shop - excellent service!!"

Dan C. Nov 2011


"Thank you. Your technicians were very professional and were ready for me before

motor was turned off." John B. Oct 2011


"Very Satisfied, thanks for the great service." Dean B. Oct 2011


"Great Job. I feel fortunate to have guys that I can trust for auto repairs

and maintenance. Thank you." Richard S. Sept 2011


"Been coming here for years and will continue to do so. Best "Kwik Kar" in the

metroplex!!!" Steve C. Sept 2011


"Very good service and great staff. We like to keep our tax dollars in Bedford!"

Kelly W. Sept 2011


"We always receive great service. You are convenient, professional and

appreciated. Thank you!" Kathy C. August 2011


"I am shocked to be sent this survey! Thanks for asking. I don't think I have

ever received a similar questionnaire from a lube place before. I found your

service excellent and your staff very professional." Tom B. August 2011


"I have always had very friendly service there! Thank you!"

Carolyn S. August 2011


Another nice letter. When we get unprompted

complimentary letters, I know we are doing the right thing. Thank you for

your support and I appreciate the business. Click to view letter.

Tommy C. August 2011


"You were very busy and I appreciate the promptness you showed!"

Cheryl W. July 2011


"Your guys have taken great care of me and my vehicles every time I come in. You

are my car guys now! Thanks." Julie H. July 2011


"Excellent customer service - efficient and outstanding work! Kudos to management

for tracking customer feedback." Elizabeth K. July 2011


"Each time I've come by to have my fluids topped off or checked, I've been treated

in a very respectful manner and I appreciate your personnels expertise.

Thank you." Pamela G. June 2011


"Great experience. All employees were kind and eager to help! I will definitely

be back!" Kim S. June 2011


"When I came in I had very limited funds to work with. I just wanted my oil changed

and said so. The gentleman was very understanding and kind. Really appreciated "no

pressure"." Karen A. June 2011


"I am most pleased the way Mark handled matters and found him trustworthy and

competent. Thanks." John N. May 2011


"I have been your customer for almost 5 years and I am always satisfied with the

service your guys give me - so friendly - thank you." Ladell G. May 2011


"We've been coming to your shop for years and always appreciate the professional,

personable and quick service." Steve H. May 2011


"Everyone was very nice. I only go to your store because of the good service

that I get. Thank you." Bruce M. April 2011


"I came in 10 minutes to closing time and the technician gladly changed my oil.

I'll be back soon!" SB April 2011


"Jose is an awesome employee." Dana W. April 2011


"Have used your shop for a number of years. Wonderful service and professionalism

of employee. All family vehicles are well taken care of." Susan R. April 2011


"We spoke of your dog run while waiting for my inspection. I drove from NRH to get

my service because you have never failed my expectations, always professional and

never try to sell "extras". Thanks." John P. April 2011


"Technician was very friendly and offered discounts we were not aware of. I

had a coupon,but the "ladies day" discount was better. We were very pleased."

Luis R. March 2011


"I had not had an occasion to use this shop before but I'm sure I will be back.

Very prompt and courteous service." Chip L. March 2011


"My husband and I have been coming here for several years and we trust you to

always do a good job!" Sheldon B. March 2011


Another nice letter. When we get unprompted

complimentary letters, I know we are doing the right thing. Thank you for

your support and I appreciate the business. Click to view letter.

Nancy D. February 2011


"You were very friendly and courteous. I WILL see you again! Thanks."

Paul H. February 2011


"Thank you for always being there to lend a helping hand." Christine G.

January 2011


A nice letter...our goal is to "WOW" customer

service. Click to view letter. Phillip D. January 2011


"John was exceptionally helpful and friendly. He always has a smile on his

face regardless of weather." Gayle G. December 2010


"Art did a great job. I would love to deal with a shop full of employees

like him." Jim S. December 2010


"I am a long-time customer. I am always pleased with the services and I always

feel treated with respect. As a woman this is a BIG deal! Excellent Service"

Jennifer W. December 2010


"We have always had good mannered, courteous and attentive staff! Keep up

the good work." Gary S. December 2010


"Great Service! Inspection was done faster than time quoted. Tech even

put my new car tags on without being asked." Katherine R. November 2010


"Vernon, I like the way you run your business. I sent my dad there and

your guys were kind to him. Thank you...that means alot." Richard S.

November 2010


"Love the new dog park!! I will for sure be back to bring the dog." Raelynn R.

November 2010


"Thanks...I like your shop, employees and facility. I also used your coupon-

nice to get it all done plus $7.00 off!" Jaquolyn V. October 2010


"You have a wonderful staff. All my questions and concerns were addressed so I

could understand." Tina F. September 2010


"Its always a pleasure doing business with you and your team. What a great

environment that you've created for your employees and customers."

Carlton B. September 2010


"Kwik Kar Bedford has kept my vehicle in great shape during the 7 years I've owned

my car. Preventative maintenance, I believe, is the answer to my well running

vehicle after 7 years. I will continue to return! (as does my husband)."

Cynthia I. September 2010


"I have been very pleased with the services I've received at your business. The

techs are always friendly and courteous. I will continue using your services."

Patricia M. August 2010


"Super Team!! Stay that way and you'll have a customer for life".

Marti B. August 2010


A testimonial letter, click here to view

Marilyn W. August 2010


"I love your crew! This is the only shop I will go to. They treat me as a

customer who is important, not a "woman" who knows nothing. A great bunch

of guys...Thanks!" Valina S. August 2010


"I always have a great experience at this Kwik Kar. Thanks for the effort,

I appreciate it." Diane S. August 2010


"I have been a customer for several years, I must say, I always enjoy coming

to your shop - waiting room looks great! Thank you." Lee W. August 2010


"We take all five vehicles to this location...they are GREAT!"

Jeri S. July 2010


"I have frequented another Kwik Kar for years, but will now use yours because of

the good experience I had. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Jeff B. July 2010


"I am so happy to find a neighborhood auto shop that I can trust. I always feel

respected and cared for." Thank you!! Elizabeth J. June 2010


"Jose did a good job, thank you for all you do." Heather M. June 2010


"Four years later and I'm still receiving great service with a personal touch.

Your guys are great! Thank you." Ladell G. June 2010


"I've been a client for several years. I like you guys or I would not have stayed!

Keep up the good work." Nicki A. June 2010


"I am a "do-it-yourself" guy, but have had no problems with your service, so I

have gone here for 3 years." L.L. June 2010


A thank you card, click here to view.

Charlotte M. May 2010


"John, Art, and Eric have serviced both my '77 Celica and my '07 Taurus. They

do an excellent job no matter the reason I come in and are some of the most

courteous mechanics around." Cindy L. May 2010


"Personnel was very courteous and conveyed a good sense of professionalism."

Richard H. May 2010


"Very Nice. The cooler and "gazebo" were an extremely nice touch." Carolyn V.

May 2010


"Your shop always does a great job - Thanks!" Lynn S. May 2010


"It is a good feeling to be confident in being able to have car maintenance done in

an honest and reliable fashion. Thank you for the continued fine service all of you

provide." Katherine S. April 2010


"You should be very proud of your staff from the greeter to the mechanics. Eric did

a great job on the timing belt and he has so much confidence and pride in his

work. I am so glad I found your service center." Douglas H. April 2010


"My Kwik Kar closed so last visit I come to your shop. Since then they have re-

opened but due to your level of service I drive past my old Kwik Kar and come to

your shop. Thanks." Larry W. March 2010


"Everyone has been very professional! My son-in-law recommended your shop and I tell

all my friends about the great job your employees always do for me. Eric has been

great, always very helpful...I will always use your services." Vinette D. March 2010


"Best experience I've ever had getting my oil changed. Thanks!" Vicki T. March 2010


"Eric was a lifesaver to help me get my car inspected!" Shannon L. February 2010


"The technicians were polite and conducted themselves in a professional manner.

I was very impressed. I wish all professions would treat their customers as

politely. The world would be a better place. I complement the techs at Kwik

Kar at 2812 Central Drive, Bedford." Linda W. January 2010


"I enjoy the service at Kwik Kar - I bring all of our cars here.:)"

Kathy O. January 2010


"Everything was done in a very timely manner, I appreciate the good service."

John H. January 2010


"I've been going here 3 years and have been very, very pleased everytime. David

has always been very friendly and helpful." Cierra K. January 2010


"I support your efforts at continuous improvement. I appreciate being able to

phone in what I needed and just drop off the car. Art was wonderful."

Susan H. January 2010


"Been going to Kwik Kar for two years - good service and techs. Very Happy!

Pat F. January 2010


"One of the best shops I've been to. I have had my mother there also. Thanks."

Chris B. January 2010


"Those guys were great and made a lasting impression on me. I will definitely

be back in the future!" Jamie E. December 2009


"Everyone was prompt, pleasant and professional. Great Job! I will use your

service again." Sharon L. December 2009


"Love your guys! We always receive personal, friendly service. Thank you.

Regina B. December 2009


"You guys are awesome, I'll always come back to you guys. You're Top Rate.

Great Service." Nathan S. November 2009


"I have never felt pressured for additional services. Have been going there

for at least 4 years now. Thank you...its a pleasure to do business with you."

Pat T. November 2009


"I brought in my vehicles for state inspections only. I was really satisfied of

everything, employees friendly, short time of waiting, clean place, etc. - keep

up the good work." Sam L. November 2009


"I liked the little pavilion and chairs, it was such a nice day and very

pleasant to sit outside." Kim D. November 2009


"Great experience - will be back and glad to recommend your place to anyone."

Karen R. October 2009


"I didn't need additional services but I overheard one of your technicians explain to

another customer and that pleased me very much. I thank you Mr. Dede and your wonderful

crew. Its been awhile since I've had that kind of service, and yes, I will refer to

your place of business." Mary R. September 2009


"Very quick, in and out! Great job on cleaning my headlights. I also love that you

have women's discount day." Crystal M. July 2009


"I have done business at your company for sometime now. I have been very satisfied

with your service." G.R. July 2009


"Everytime I go, the guys are so nice, the guys explain everything and answer all my

questions". Amanda L. July 2009


"The extent of the greeting and conversation from the person who checked me out was

impressive. He actually made a point to thank me for driving in from Grapevine.

Impressive!!" David Q. July 2009


"Since my husband died and I have had to learn to care for my car myself, you and your

technicians have been a big help. I will continue to trust you to do what is best

for me and my car." Natalina K. July 2009


"I used Kwik Kar back in Norman, OK and I loved it. I'm glad you all are as good

or even better." Ashley W. June 2009


"I drove up and told the guy I needed to be finished in 30 minutes; if they couldn't

accommodate me I'll come back in the afternoon. He assured me they would have me

done much sooner. Sure enough, I was on my way in 10-15 minutes. I come here

often and have had many services performed on my vehicles." Cynthia A. June 2009


"Your guys are always so polite and helpful-thanks for such great service."

LaDell G. May 2009


"Best service of all the Kwik Kars around!" Justin C. May 2009


"Although I live in Grapevine, I prefer to drive to Bedford to your location

because your service is so great! Thank you!" Karen W. April 2009


"These guys are great!! They always get me in quickly and do a great job!

Thanks." Nanette R. March 2009


"I'm always treated great by your team of guys. They're always very nice and polite

and I do tell people to go see you all when they need your type of services.

Thank you!" Elena B. March 2009


"I believe the gentleman who helped my was John, and he was very nice, courteous

and sincere. Thanks." Rita W. March 2009


"I appreciate your prompt, courteous service every time I come in." Roger B.


"I have been going here since I bought this vehicle, always received courteous

service. Thank you." Gracie N. February 2009


"I waited outside with my dog and we even got MILK-BONES! Thanks for thinking

of everything." Gean B. February 2009


"Thanks for the survey! You guys are great!" Kelley L. January 2009


"We have been coming here for at least 6+ years and really enjoy the people

and service." Amanda and Brad S. January 2009


"I felt very welcomed every time I go and everyone is always very nice. I tell

people about you guys all the time." Amanda L. January 2009


"You guys do great work and deliver your service in a way that makes me want to

come back. I'll see you again in a few thousand miles." Rita B. January 2009


"Thank you for providing a great service every time." Don G.


"I had a very good 1st experience at this shop. It was near closing time and I was

expecting I might be turned away. Much to my surprise, the worker greeted me right

away and was happy to complete the work I needed. He was very thorough and recommended

additional items my car needed. I will recommend this shop to anyone and plan on coming

back. Thank you." Jill A.


"I've referred over a half dozen friends and everyone has been very satisfied with their

work done and the friendly staff. I appreciate the excellent customer care given to me

and my friends. Thank you." Sharon S.


"Service was great! I look forward to returning in the future." Christine F.


"We felt very welcomed. Everyone was very friendly...Yes, we will come here for all

our car needs." Bruce M.


"I really enjoyed the atmosphere, I will definitely be coming back in the future".

Lori D.


"I have been a customer 5 years and I am very happy with the service I have

received." Jane E.


"I pulled in for a state inspection. I was promptly greeted, the service was performed

quickly and efficiently and the young man doing the inspection was friendly and courteous.

Great service!" Steve C.


"I wasn't pressured and I'll be back." Linda T.


"I feel like I can trust that when I come in for an oil change, that is what is taken care

of and nothing else goes wrong with my car as soon as I drive away. Thank you for the

confidence I have in your service!" Kasey S.


"I was leary at first coming to any automotive shop, but when I came to yours, I was

impressed with everything. I am never pressured into maintenance. Your employees are

wonderful, so friendly....great job." Karen R.


"Being a female, some people take advantage and tell false info. Here I felt welcome and

was given great info!" Cyrstal D.


"The guy that greeted me in the parking lot was very knowledgeable about my vehicle and

its scheduled maintenance. They checked everything as they should and told me the truth

about what did and didn't need done. This is important to me. I will return to your

shop and recommend it to my friends and family...thanks." Pat A.


"So glad I found your shop. My old Kwik Kar on Pipeline closed. Love having my washer

fluid filled and interior vacuumed." R.W.


"Your people and service was excellent - I will be back!" M.B.


"The service was quick and efficient." Jennifer D.


"You guys have always been a great help." J.R.


"I have always used your services for a number of years now and have always been well pleased.

That is why I keep coming back. Thanks." Robert P.


"I appreciate you guys being there for me!" Corinne S.


We love getting surveys back so if you get a survey please fill it out and leave us your comments

as well. Do we occasionally get bad ones...yes, but they are very few and very far between.

We get many, many more great comments that are anonymous. It makes me very proud of our shop.


"I dread coming to have my oil changed due to the constant "need for additional

services". If I could sign a "do not offer" list, I would." Anonymous May 2012


"The additional services were a definite hard sell. I love your place but would

appreciate less pressure to buy additional services." Charles P. February 2012


"Took too long to check air cleaner. I had replaced it myself in way less time."

Terry H. December 2010


"2nd time in a row they put the wrong type of oil in my vehicle."

Tim H. August 2010


"You guys sell too hard. I suspect a lot of what you are trying to sell are not needed.

Too high pressure." Larry M. July 2010


"If you can't vacuum my car or clean my windows without streaking, how can I trust you

to perform maintenance on my vehicle?" Loretta P. May 2010


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2812 Central Dr.

Bedford, TX 76021


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